Get A Roof That Lasts

Get A Roof That Lasts

There’s no denying, Roofs are expensive. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, are concerned about the lifespan of your current roof, or are looking for a new, durable roof, investing in a roof that will keep your family warm and dry for decades to come is always a top priority. The best way to keep your roof in shape through the decades is to take the time to do some regular checkup. Here are a few things to think about when working to extend the life of your roof:
Proper Insulation– One of the best things you can do to ensure your roof hangs stays alright is to keep your attic well-insulated and leak free. Ice damps, water drips, can reduce the lifespan of your roof, as it creates serious creaks and leaks which further force you to repair or replace too. So, to keep your roof in tip-top shape, it’s important that your attic has the insulation needed to keep the heat in your house and the cold outside where it belongs. While you’re up there, you’ll also want to check for any leaks or holes in the roof as well. If you find any, be sure to get them repaired immediately. 

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Roofing Done Right Will Last

Looking out for weak sections– When roofs are hit with alternately hot and freezing temperatures, sometimes this flashing can expand and contract, eventually pulling away from the edges, thus creating leaks and holes that can be detrimental later. These are all issues that are easily fixed with new strips of flashing––if you’re handy you can probably even do it yourself! But if they’re not caught early, they can cause serious problems that shorten the life expectancy of your roof.

Metal Roofs Can Last Longer

Metal Roof investment– Finally, if you’re here because you’re looking for a roof that will last the lifetime of your home, you might consider investing in a metal roof. The average metal roof can last anywhere from 40 to 60 years, and many of them can last much longer than that with proper upkeep. The benefits of a metal roof are many, the only drawback being the slightly higher cost. But if the roof longevity is your biggest concern, then a metal roof is probably worth the cost for you. Requiring even less maintenance than an asphalt roof, a metal roof is guaranteed to last the lifetime you’re looking for.

Finally, the choice should be based on your budget and needs. Invest wisely, and spend every penny that should feel you worth it.

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