Willow sculpture

Living willow structures and sculptures are fun to make and fascinating to watch grow.JPR Environmental supplies bundles of live willow in a range of varieties and size for you to create your own living masterpiece. We can also install and maintain a willow sculpture of your design in your garden, school playground or public space.

For step-by step guides to creating some simple willow structures go to our design ideas page. Check out our new Igloo structure specifically designed with kids in mind. JPR Environmental supplies kits to create the sculptures featured in this website.

The beauty of willow is in its suppleness, the ability to be bent and twisted into many shapes. Please take a look at the photo gallery to see what others have done.

Almost any type of willow, we grow over twenty varieties on our coppice in Gloucestershire, can be used for creating sculptures but the most popular is Salix viminalis (osier) for it’s long straight pliable growth. Other varieties can be added to the design to create a variety of colours or for finer work. The success of a living willow sculpture depends on a combination of good design, site preparation, careful planting and correct maintenance.

Sculptures are dynamic, changing with the seasons and years. They require a small amount of management if they are to keep their shape.
School children love willow sculpture work (their imagination seems to have no bounds!) and projects involving a whole class or school have been very successful. Check the schools page to see a list of artists that work with schools on willow projects.

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